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Sensual Thai Massage

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Incall (Sie, der Kunde, gehen zum Standort des Anbieters)
30 Minuten Incall 70 USD (63 EUR)
1 Stunde Incall 110 USD (100 EUR)
2 Stunden Incall 220 USD (200 EUR)
Outcall (Anbieter kommt zu Ihrem Standort)
1 Stunde Outcall 150 USD (136 EUR)
2 Stunden Outcall 300 USD (273 EUR)


🙏🏻Sawadee kaa🙏🏻
💠°♤💠My name is Emma I’m from Thailand I’m a certified massage therapist who will give you a wonderful experience during your hours and I pay attention to my clients needs

💠°♤💠 I’m experienced in many forms of massage ,I can make you feel relax by smooth soft and relax touch.I promise you will have a good time‼️

💠°♤💠 I will provide effective massage in the form of Traditional Thai Stretch,Swedish and Combination heal touch .....Etc, than ever your expected‼️


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